Best Views in Dubrovnik: 19 Photo Spots for the Best Photos

January 8, 2024

The beautiful city of Dubrovnik, located on Croatia’s stunning Adriatic coast, boasts numerous picturesque spots that photographers adore. Dubrovnik is not only one of Europe’s iconic destinations, but also an immensely desirable place for those seeking to capture breathtaking views.

With its historic Old Town, picturesque Mediterranean coastline, and dramatic cliffs, Dubrovnik stands as one of the most beautiful places in Croatia. Moreover, Dubrovnik’s Old Town has earned the esteemed UNESCO World Heritage status, thanks to its ancient history and stunning medieval architecture.

So whether you are a professional photographer or a casual traveler, Dubrovnik has no lack of beautiful views and photo locations that are sure to take your breath away.

Although Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, it gained its greatest fame through the TV series Game of Thrones. Since the series aired, the city has regularly welcomed crowds of Game of Thrones fans who visit their favorite places that served as filming locations for the series. Dubrovnik was the primary filming location for King’s Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms.

The locals have capitalized on this by offering GOT fans a variety of guided tours to the series’ locations.

In this article, you can discover the most Instagrammable places and the best photo spots in Dubrovnik, discovering the most breathtaking places of this amazing city, which often look like a painting.

We show you the most beautiful photo spots and viewpoints in Dubrovnik, listed by location. You can read a brief introduction for each location, along with photography tips, and find descriptions of their locations.

In our article, the viewpoints are usually named for where they are, not what they overlook.

If you need exact coordinates, we will also provide them for the photo locations one by one.

In addition, here at the beginning, we have also included a Google Maps map of the best places for photographers in Dubrovnik.

Map of the best viewpoints in Dubrovnik

List of the best photo spots in Dubrovnik

And after the map, here’s our list of the 19 best photo spots in Dubrovnik.

Viewpoint 1: Banje Beach

Coordinates: 42.641675, 18.117274

Banje Beach is just a few minutes’ walk from the Old Town, situated near Frana Supila Street. There is a staircase leading down to the beach, and right at the beginning of the stairs, you can capture similarly stunning photos.

The photo we show you was taken in the summer, probably in the off season, the view is even more beautiful without the crowds.

Viewpoint 2: Ploče Gate

Coordinates: 42.642069, 18.113096

Ploce Gate is one of the famous gates of Dubrovnik’s city walls, providing access to the Old Town. If you take a stroll in this direction, you’ll have the opportunity to capture the gate and its surroundings. We adore the purple flowers, which can be found in so many Mediterranean countries and perfectly complement the blue sea and the sandy-colored city walls.

Viewpoint 3: Harbour Viewpoint

Coordinates: 42.641782, 18.112558

Close to Ploce Gate, you will find this observation deck with a restaurant. From here you get an excellent view of the harbor, the nearby Lokrum Island and the ancient city walls.

Viewpoint 4: Ul. Iza Grada with a view of the City Walls

Coordinates: 42.642315, 18.111748

This photo point is outside the city walls, on Iza Grada street. Our photo was taken from the upper part of the street. Probably if you spend more time in Dubrovnik, you will have the opportunity to walk along this street. In that case, don’t miss this excellent photo opportunity!

Viewpoint 5: North walls of Dubrovnik

Coordinates: 42.642060,18.111661

Our next photo spot is located right on the city walls, precisely on the northern walls. Here you’ll find numerous breathtaking views and photo opportunities, so it’s worth paying attention.

From the northern walls, you’ll have a clear view of the Dominican Monastery, the harbor, Lokrum Island, and the buildings of the Old Town of Dubrovnik.

Here, you’ll need to climb upwards initially, and there are several high vantage points where you can go even higher to capture stunning photos.

We show you just a few of the many photos we took here.

It’s important to note that Dubrovnik’s city walls can be visited by buying a ticket and climbing one of the few stairs in the old town.

You can purchase tickets online or on-site. If you’re traveling off-peak season, buying them on-site is not necessary, but during the peak season (summer months), it’s highly recommended.

The tickets are a bit pricey, but they’re well worth it for the breathtaking views!

Viewpoint 6: Minceta Tower

Coordinates: 42.642663, 18.108218

This photo point overlooks a part of the city walls, the spectacular Minceta Tower (Tvrđava Minčeta).

The place from which the fortress can be photographed is roughly at the location indicated by the coordinates.

The fortress itself is also climbable, and from the top you get a fantastic view of the town and the surrounding mountains.

From here, you can also get a good view of the popular Dubrovnik Old Town Basketball Court below.

Viewpoint 7: St. Francis Tower

Coordinates: 42.642166, 18.107635

This viewpoint is located not far from Minceta Tower, near the so-called St. Francis Tower. From here, you’ll enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the old town’s buildings, the sea, and the island of Lokrum.

Viewpoint 8: Pile Gate

Coordinates: 42.642166, 18.107635

The section of the city walls above Pile Gate is a very iconic photo spot in Dubrovnik. You can see many photos of Dubrovnik taken from here.

From this photo location, you can take photos of Onofrio’s Large Fountain, the famous Stradun Street and the Franciscan Church and Monastery.

The views from the other side of the city walls are also magnificent.

Viewpoint 9: Na Andriji Defensive Wall

Coordinates: 42.640392, 18.106696

As you continue along the city walls, you’ll soon reach the stunning Adriatic Sea. After passing by Fort Puncjela and Fort Bokar, you’ll encounter another iconic vista of Dubrovnik as you ascend the stairs.

This lookout point, which is not just one but several spots from various angles, offers commanding views of Dubrovnik’s West Harbour, Fort Lovrijenac, and the surrounding houses.

Enjoy the scenery and capture breathtaking photos! This location ranks among the most beautiful in Dubrovnik.

Viewpoint 10: Od Margarite Defensive Wall

Coordinates: 42.639028, 18.108811

The following sections of the city walls run alongside the sea, providing continuous panoramic views of the sea.

We were also charmed by the sight of the city walls and the small domed guard posts, so we took some photos of them.

Viewpoint 11: Jesuit Stairs

Coordinates: 42.639677, 18.109413

This photo location is not on the city walls but in the old town.

The Jesuit Stairs is also an iconic place in Dubrovnik, made famous by the TV series Game of Thrones.

If you want to take good photos of the stairs, it’s a good idea to arrive early in the morning, when there aren’t as many people on the streets of Dubrovnik as in our photo.

In addition, the Church of St. Ignatius next to it is also worth admiring.

Viewpoint 12: Clock tower and Sponza Palace

Coordinates: 42.640673, 18.110463

This photo was taken near the Rector’s Palace, right by St. Blaise’s Church. It shows the elegant 16th-century Sponza Palace and the 15th-century Clock tower in Luza Square. There are many interesting old buildings and monuments in this area, so it’s a great place for a leisurely walk to enjoy the historic sights.

Viewpoint 13: Streets with stairs

Coordinates: No specific coordinates

The following photo spots don’t have specific coordinates, as they are scattered throughout the city – these are the iconic streets of Dubrovnik. While exploring the Old Town, you’ll come across many of these charming streets, particularly in the southern part.

Here, you can capture photos of staircases, house walls, vibrant flowers, and plenty of cats, all of which provide excellent opportunities for photos in the style of this historic quarter.

Viewpoint 14: Fort Lovrijenac

Coordinates: 42.640996, 18.104236

This is our absolute favorite photo spot in Dubrovnik. To locate it, head from the Old Town towards Fort Lovrijenac. One of the best photo spots is on the hillside, adjacent to the steps that lead up to Fort Lovrijenac. It’s easy to find, as many people are familiar with this location, and others often take photos there as well.

You can capture nearly the same photo from the fort’s entrance, and it’s well worth a brief photo session stop.

There are also breathtaking views from the fortress itself, well worth a visit. Above you’ll find huge viewing terraces where you can enjoy fantastic panoramic views of the whole area.

Visiting Fort Lovrijenac also requires an admission ticket, just like the city walls. So, if you want to enter the fortress, you need to purchase a ticket, which you can do when buying the city walls ticket – one ticket covers both.

Viewpoint 15: Lookout from Ul. don Frana Bulića to the fortress

Coordinates: 42.640736, 18.103076

This photo spot is a bit further from the Old Town, so it’s best to either drive or use another mode of transport. If you’re up for it, walking is also an option.

It’s situated to the west of Fort Lovrijenac, on another hillside, adjacent to a parking lot. On Google Maps, it’s labeled as ‘Houses and Fortress View.’

From here, you can enjoy a stunning view of the fortress, Lokrum Island, and the sea.

Viewpoint 16: Dubrovnik Scenic Lookout

Coordinates: 42.639862, 18.127826

These viewpoints (as there are several) are situated on Druge Dalmatinske brigade street. If you’re driving, simply park in one of the roadside car parks and capture shots like the ones we’ve taken. This location likely offers some of the best long-distance photo opportunities of Dubrovnik.

Viewpoint 17: Lookouts on the Bosanka road

Coordinates: 42.644849, 18.120711

The Bosanka road and the Srd road both provide excellent viewpoints for tourists seeking photo opportunities.

If you see a similarity with the previous viewpoint, you are right, the views from the two places are very similar indeed.

If you’re driving, you’ll find it relatively easy (though the road itself can be challenging), as you can stop anywhere to capture the best shots.

Another option is walking. In this case, be prepared for a hike along the trail marked on Google Maps as the ‘Scenic Walk Bosanka-Dubrovnik,’ where you can capture similar photos on foot.

A third option is a sightseeing minibus, but they don’t make stops for photo opportunities; they simply take you up to the hill’s summit for the next scenic view.

Viewpoint 18: Dubrovnik Observation Point and Panorama Restaurant

Coordinates: 42.648830, 18.112111

This place is another of our favorites – and not just ours, but many other tourists’ too. Located on the mountain top, it offers a stunning view of Dubrovnik by the sea. There are several observation decks on the top of the hill, all offering fantastic views.

You can reach the summit by car, although it can be quite challenging, or you can opt for the cable car or tackle a steep hiking trail on foot. The choice of how to ascend is yours.

Furthermore, there’s an elegant restaurant named the Panorama Restaurant at the hill’s peak, where you can stop for lunch.

In addition to offering great photo opportunities, the area provides many other activities, including renting a buggy and trying out the Panorama Zip Line or Skybike.

Viewpoint 19: Mandrac Beach Pier

Coordinates: 42.664516, 18.071147

This photo spot is a little different from the others. Here you can take pictures not of Dubrovnik, but of the Dr. Franjo Tuđman Bridge leading to the city.

There are many good photo spots for the bridge as it is situated in an exceptionally beautiful setting, but we highlight just one.

Simply walk out to the beach and enjoy the view of the bridge and its surroundings.

So, these are the 19 most picturesque spots and viewpoints in Dubrovnik for capturing amazing photos.

In the following, we address the most commonly asked questions that come up during a photography trip to Dubrovnik.

How to prepare for a photo shoot in Dubrovnik

  • Comfortable shoes: Best to wear comfortable shoes when exploring the viewpoints of Dubrovnik, due to the amount of walking and sometimes slippery stairs.
  • Snacks: Dubrovnik has wonderful restaurants, but if you just want a quick bite to eat, have some snacks on you.
  • Wide-angle camera: for Dubrovnik photography, bring a camera with a wide-angle lens, as there are a few places where this can be useful.

Best time to visit Dubrovnik

We recommend spring or autumn as the best time to explore Dubrovnik, to avoid the huge crowd during the summer high season.

If you want to go to the beach, summer is the only option, but even then avoid school holidays and weekends.

Most of our photos were taken in September and October, when the crowds were smaller, but the weather is still pleasant.

Spring is a similarly good time, when there is perhaps better light and more flowers. So spring is worth considering if you’re planning a photo trip to Dubrovnik.

Where to stay in Dubrovnik

In Dubrovnik, we recommend the following accommodation:

So that was our list of the best spots for photography in Dubrovnik, and some other things to know if you plan to visit this wonderful place.

Wherever your Dubrovnik photography journey may lead, you are sure to find plenty of opportunities to capture breathtaking photos. From stunning panoramas to unique perspectives, the city of Dubrovnik offers numerous scenic views and photographic opportunities that guarantee outstanding pictures.

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