Slap Virje, Soca Valley, Slovenia

12 Best Waterfalls in Slovenia: Discover Slovenia’s Most Breathtaking Waterfalls

February 29, 2024

Slovenia, a small country in Central Europe on the edge of the Balkans, is filled with breathtaking natural attractions, including stunning waterfalls. Just as Austria is known for its beautiful lakes and Croatia for its charming coastal cities, Slovenia really stands out for its amazing gorges and waterfalls.

Nestled among the peaks of the Slovenian Julian Alps, these picturesque waterfalls are unique wonders that captivate travelers with the beauty of quiet forests, crystal-clear waters, and rocky mountain peaks.

In this article, we’ll introduce the 12 most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia. Whether you are on a road trip across Slovenia or spending a few days in a specific region of the country, you’ll likely find a nearby waterfall on our list that is well worth visiting.

But first, let’s look at some basic facts about traveling to Slovenia, with some travel tips to consider.

How to get to the Slovenian waterfalls

Slovenia is not a large country, so you can easily get anywhere by car. The road network is well-developed, driving in Slovenia is relatively easy, and all the waterfalls on our list are accessible within a few kilometers walk or hike from the nearest parking lot.

Getting to the waterfalls by public transport is more challenging, as many of the waterfalls are located in the countryside, in the mountains, so public transport is not available to all of them.

If you are unsure and don’t want to travel alone or drive yourself, we suggest you look for guided tours where the locals will lead you to the waterfalls.

Where we can find an available tour for the waterfall from our list, we’ll offer a bookable activity through GetYourGuide or Viator.

Best time to visit the waterfalls in Slovenia

In Slovenia, the hiking season typically spans from spring to autumn, starting around April-May and lasting until October-November.

Winters are generally cold and wet, with snow potentially hindering travel, so visiting waterfalls in Slovenia during winter is not recommended.

If you want to travel during the most beautiful months, we recommend May and June, when the landscape is lush green, the waterfalls are easily accessible and the water flow is optimal.

If you want to see a colorful autumn landscape, October (especially the second half of October) is the best choice.

List of the best waterfalls in Slovenia

After some introduction, let’s look at the list of the 12 most impressive waterfalls in Slovenia.

1. Savica Waterfall

The Savica Waterfall or Slap Savica, located in the Triglav National Park near Bohinj, is one of Slovenia’s most spectacular attractions. It falls about 78 meters into a lush green pool and serves as the source of the Sava Bohinjka river. Its unique charm lies not only in its picturesque setting, but also in its distinctive ‘A’ shape, where the water flows gracefully in two directions, creating a double waterfall effect.

How to get to the Savica Waterfall

If you’re around Lake Bohinj or Lake Bled, consider visiting the stunning Savica Waterfall as part of a few-hour excursion. The nearest parking lot to the waterfall is a short drive from Lake Bohinj.

The waterfall is reachable by a short, approximately 900-meter hike from the parking lot, which involves stairs and is easily accessible. There’s a fee for parking and entry to the trail.

Although access to the waterfall is restricted by a closed gate, the wooden observation deck offers a breathtaking view of the waterfall and Lake Bohinj.

Where to stay near Savica Waterfall

We recommend staying near Lake Bohinj:

Other attractions near Savica Waterfall

If you’re in the vicinity, explore Lake Bohinj, Lake Bled, and Vintgar Gorge.

2. Kozjak Waterfall

Kozjak Waterfall, also located in Triglav National Park, stands as a captivating natural wonder despite its modest 15-meter height. Situated along the Kozjak Stream in the renowned Soca Valley, the waterfall has become a favorite among nature enthusiasts, offering an ideal retreat into the outdoors.

How to get to the Kozjak Waterfall

You’ll find the waterfall near the town of Kobarid, with parking areas located after Napoleon’s Bridge, close to Kamp Koren camping. The waterfall is approximately 1.6 km hiking distance from the nearest parking lot, and the trail unfolds numerous picturesque attractions along the way. These include a World War I bunker and the amazing turquoise waters of the Soca River with its spectacular suspension bridge.

After a brief hike, you can purchase a ticket at a wooden hut, typically costing a few euros. Following this, a short walk leads to Kozjak Waterfall, visible from a built viewing platform.

We recommend wearing hiking shoes, as the terrain can be slippery in some places.

Where to stay near Kozjak Waterfall

For accommodations nearest to the waterfall, we suggest the following options in Kobarid:

Other sights near Kozjak Waterfall

Near Kozjak Waterfall you can explore the historic Napoleon Bridge, the impressive Tolmin Gorge, and visit the Virje Waterfall nearby, as well as Slovenia’s largest waterfall, Boka Waterfall.

3. Virje Waterfall

The Virje Waterfall is a true hidden gem nestled in the Soca Valley. Also known as Slap Virje, this charming waterfall gracefully cascades over moss-covered rocks into a captivating green pool, fed by the spring waters of the Glijun Stream. Thanks to its picturesque surroundings and the unique ‘A’ shape it forms, this approximately 12-meter high waterfall is gaining popularity year by year.

How to get to the Virje Waterfall

Accessing the waterfall is possible by car or local bus services from the nearby town of Bovec. If traveling by car, the journey involves reaching Bovec, navigating narrow roads to the village of Plužna, and then to the Virje Waterfall. A parking fee of a few euros is required for a two-hour stay.

After parking, a short walking tour awaits. This short walk to the Slap Virje takes you along a gravel path and a small wooden bridge.

Other attractions near Virje Waterfall

Nearby attractions include the Boka Waterfall, Slovenia’s largest waterfall, the Kozjak Waterfall near Kobarid, and the Small and Great Soca Gorges, offering spectacular views of the Soca River Valley. The Tolmin Gorge, just a short drive away, is also worth exploring.

4. Boka Waterfall

Boka Waterfall, also known as Slap Boka, is one of the prominent attractions in the Triglav National Park, situated near the town of Bovec in the Julian Alps.

With a height of approximately 144 meters, Boka Waterfall is the largest waterfall in Slovenia, achieved in two stages with an associated width of 18 meters.

How to get to Boka Waterfall

The waterfall is visible from the 203 road along the Soca River, and if you prefer not to hike, you can also see it from the designated “Boka Waterfall Parking” spot, which is marked on Google Maps.

For a closer view, several lookout points along the Boka River are accessible through short but steep hikes.

Where to stay near Boka Waterfall

Staying near Bovec is recommended, and the following accommodations are suggested:

Other attractions near the Boka Waterfall

Exploring the surroundings of Boka Waterfall unveils additional attractions, including the Virje Waterfall, the Soca River, the Great Soca Gorge and the Tolmin Gorge.

5. Pericnik Waterfall

Pericnik Waterfall provides a unique waterfall experience in the scenic Vrata Valley. The Pericnik Waterfall, also known as Slap Peričnik, impresses visitors not only with its size, although it is one of the highest waterfalls in Slovenia. In terms of size, the waterfall has two stages, an upper 16-meter waterfall and a lower 52-meter waterfall.

What makes it unique, however, is that when visiting Pericnik Waterfall you have the opportunity to walk behind the waterfall, a truly unique experience that is only available in a few places in the world.

How to get to the Pericnik Waterfall

You can get to the waterfall by car from the village of Mojstrana by a short drive. You can leave your car at the Koča pri Peričniku hut, where you have to pay a few euros for parking (often not charged outside the high season).

If you’d prefer public transport, there are buses from Kranjska Gora in summer, with a transfer in Mojstrana.

From the car park there are two paths leading up to the falls, both short but slightly steep and slippery, with some steps.

Where to stay near Pericnik Waterfall

There are only a few huts near the waterfall, all other accommodations are in the surrounding municipalities.

We recommend the following:

  • Milka Boutique Hotel: a luxury hotel in the most beautiful part of Kranjska Gora, next to the Lake Jasna, with a fantastic view of the lake
  • Triangel Boutique Hotel: a modern four-star hotel close to the sights
  • Apartma Vovk: three-star apartments in Mojstrana, recommended for families

Other attractions near Pericnik Waterfall

If you’re in the area, make the most of your visit by exploring nearby attractions including Lake Jasna in Kranjska Gora, Zelenci Nature Reserve, the numerous attractions of the Soca Valley and the famous Lake Bled.

6. Rinka Waterfall

The Rinka Waterfall in the Logar Valley is a stunning natural attraction in Slovenia. At a height of around 105 meters, the Rinka is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the country, captivating visitors with its majestic beauty. The waterfall has several stages, the highest of which is 90 meters high.

How to get to Rinka Waterfall

To get to Rinka Falls, you can hike through the beautiful Logar Valley.

You can travel to the Logar Valley by bus from Celje, but the easiest way is by car. However, you have to pay a fee per car to enter the valley. You can find more information on this on the official Logar Valley website.

When you arrive in the valley, go to the upper car park at the end of the road. After parking, the hiking tour starts. The well-marked trail leads along the Savinja River, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding alpine landscapes. The hike is only about 600 meters from the nearest (upper) parking lot.

When you reach the Rinka Waterfall, you can enjoy a fantastic view of the water cascading down the vertical rock face. At the bottom of the waterfall, a small pool forms, adding to the magic of the place.

Where to stay near Rinka Waterfall

It is recommended to stay in the Logar Valley. We recommend the Hotel Plesnik Logarska Dolina, which is a four-star hotel with a swimming pool with a wonderful view (famous pool on social media).

Other attractions near Rinka Waterfall

For more adventure, the Logar Valley offers more hiking trails and attractions. Among them are the Slapišče Palenk and Rastovški Slap waterfalls, both of which are much smaller but well worth a visit.

7. Sum Waterfall

The Sum Waterfall, also known as Slap Šum, is a stunning waterfall situated next to the famous Vintgar Gorge. Located at the northeastern end of the Vintgar Gorge, the waterfall completes a walk through the Vintgar Gorge. The Sum Waterfall, around 13 meters high, enchants visitors with its crystal-clear water cascading down through the moss-covered rocks.

How to get to the Sum Waterfall

Located near the Vintgar Gorge, Slap Šum is easily accessible from Bled or other nearby towns. Visitors often combine a visit to the Vintgar Gorge with a walk to Sum Waterfall. Follow the direction signs so you can explore both attractions in one visit.

For the best photo spot of the falls, head down to the north side of the river.

The downside of visiting the falls is that it is relatively expensive: you also have to pay for parking and an entrance fee to Vintgar Gorge. In addition, as the gorge’s wooden path is one-way, if you don’t want to walk back to the car park at the very end, you have to pay extra for the shuttle bus.

In addition, it’s always worth checking the gorge’s official website in advance, as they sometimes close in winter and spring.

Where to stay near Sum Waterfall

For a comfortable stay, consider accommodation in Bled or the surrounding areas. We recommend the following:

Other attractions near Sum Waterfall

If you’re staying nearby, take the opportunity to explore Vintgar Gorge, a stunning natural wonder with a wooden walkway along the Radovna River. Also, don’t miss the world-famous Bled and the charming Bohinj.

8. Martuljek Lower Waterfall

The Martuljek Lower Waterfall is a waterfall near the village of Gozd Martuljek, near Kranjska Gora, which is a highly recommended destination for hikers.

There are actually two Martuljek waterfalls, an upper and a lower one. We would highlight the lower one because of its accessibility. Although the upper waterfall is also a special sight, with a total height of 110 meters, the upper waterfall is recommended for more experienced hikers.

The lower waterfall plunges 50 meters down the cliff face, which is also a spectacular sight.

How to get to Martuljek Lower Waterfall

The waterfall can be reached from Gozd Martuljek by a hike of about 1.5 km from the nearest parking lot. The trail follows the Martuljek River for most of the way.

Where to stay near Martuljek Lower Waterfall

We recommend the following:

  • Milka Boutique Hotel: a luxury hotel in the most beautiful part of Kranjska Gora, next to the Lake Jasna, with a fantastic view of the lake
  • Triangel Boutique Hotel: a modern four-star hotel close to the sights
  • Apartma Vovk: three-star apartments in Mojstrana, recommended for families

9. Mostnica Waterfall

The Mostnica Waterfall itself is a somewhat lesser-known waterfall in the Voje Valley, near Lake Bohinj. It might be worth combining the visit with the nearby Mostnica Gorge, as the two attractions are relatively close to each other.

The Mostnica Waterfall, known as Slap Mostnice in Slovenian, is a small but stunning waterfall along the Mostnica River. The water first flows into an emerald green pool before continuing its journey through a gorge.

How to get to Mostnica Waterfall

We start the journey from Stara Fužina, a village near Lake Bohinj. By car, you can get to the Planinska koca na Vojah hut, where you can park your car.

Then you can start the walking trail. You can get to the waterfall on a gravel road. It’s worth walking along the road on the right side of the Mostnica River, as the signs along the way indicate, because at the end you’ll find the lookout on the right side of the waterfall.

The hike is a bit more than 2.5 kilometers one way, but it’s basically easy to walk.

Where to stay near Mostnica Waterfall

We recommend booking accommodation near Bohinj, the best hotels are:

10. Grmecica Waterfall

The Gmercica Waterfall or Slap Grmečica is a small yet captivating waterfall near Lake Bohinj, making it a worthwhile stop for those exploring the area. The cascade flows into a stunning emerald green pool, offering a hidden gem for visitors looking for a less crowded spot near Bohinj.

However, it’s essential to be aware that the Gmercica Waterfall has a tendency to completely dry up in the drier months, so be prepared for the possibility of not witnessing its full splendor during the summer.

How to get to the Grmecica Waterfall

The most convenient way to reach the waterfall by car is to take the road leading to the Sava Bohinjka river near the Nominj train station, where you’ll find a small parking area.

Once parked, continue on foot, cross the bridge over the river, and then turn right. After approximately 1 km of walking, you’ll find the waterfall on the left.

Guided activities to or near the waterfall

Nearby canyoning is very popular, so we can recommend these:

Where to stay near Grmečica Waterfall

We recommend that you book your accommodation near Bohinj, the best places to stay are:

11. Zapotok Waterfall

Zapotok Waterfall is so unknown to the average tourist that you can’t even find it on Google Maps (only on Openstreetmap). If you want a real, authentic hidden treasure, this is the perfect choice. Located in the Trenta Valley, this is one of the many waterfalls along the Suhi Potok stream. Their collective name is Zapotok Waterfalls.

Recommended mainly for those who like hiking in remote places and for more experienced hikers.

How to get to the Zapotok Waterfalls

First, coming from Trenta or the Vrsic Pass, turn towards the Source of the Soca River (Izvir Soče) and Koča pri izviru Soče. Continue on this road as far as possible, and at the end of the road, park your car.

The hiking trail along the Suhi Potok begins from here. The waterfalls can be found after approximately a 2.5-kilometer hike, with some being easier to approach and others considered quite challenging according to official sources—although I must confess, we didn’t try them all.

Since these waterfalls are genuinely hidden in a more remote location, it is advisable not to hike alone due to bears. It’s recommended to go with a group and be well-equipped, even though the hiking trail itself is not particularly difficult.

You can get a very detailed, accurate description on the Slotrips website.

Where to stay near Zapotok Waterfall

There are not many accommodations near the waterfall, maybe a few mountain huts. We recommend the following within a short drive:

Other attractions near Zapotok Waterfall

If you’re in the area, be sure to check out the Source of the Soca River and perhaps drive along the Vrsic Pass, where you’ll find World War I memorials, and you can also enjoy the magnificent mountain views from some truly great viewpoints.

12. Sumik Waterfall

The Sumik Waterfall is a magnificent 24-meter high waterfall near Maribor.

In fact, there are more waterfalls in the area, including our listed Great Sumik Waterfall, or Slap Veliki Šumik in Slovenian, as well as the smaller Slap Mali Šumik, and Vernski Slap.

The falls are located deep in the forest in an unspoiled environment, so getting there is not easy. A recommended destination for those who want to relax in peace and quiet, away from it all.

How to get to the Sumik Waterfall

The waterfalls are located in the Pragozdni reserve Šumik, which you can reach via the road 929. The last part of the road is gravel. You can find the parking lot by following the linked description on the website.

The whole area is so unspoiled that it is not even developed, which means it is difficult to hike on. So be prepared with basic hiking equipment.

Where to stay near Sumik Waterfall

We can mostly recommend accommodation in nearby settlements:

Other attractions near Sumik Waterfall

A few kilometers away, you’ll find another waterfall, Framski Slap – Slap Skalca. In addition, you can also visit the town of Maribor.

So, that’s our list of the 12 most breathtaking waterfalls in Slovenia. Of course, there are many more amazing waterfalls in Slovenia and nearby regions that you should check out too.

In summary, Slovenia’s diverse and majestic waterfalls are genuine natural treasures. The country has stunning landscapes for those who like exploring hidden and less-known places.

The waterfalls mentioned in this article are perfect for nature lovers wanting to experience Slovenia’s beauty, uniqueness, and diversity.

Whether nestled in the alpine mountains or in remote areas, Slovenia’s waterfalls are real natural gems waiting to be discovered.

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