Virje Waterfall: Complete Guide to Slap Virje in Slovenia

December 27, 2023

In the Julian Alps in Slovenia lies one of the country’s most captivating hidden gems, the Virje Waterfall.

Virje Waterfall or Slap Virje is a small beautiful waterfall in the middle of the forest, with water cascading over mossy rocks into a stunning green pool. The waterfall is supplied with spring water, which feeds the Glijun Stream.

In this article, we dive into more detail about the beauty of Virje Waterfall in Slovenia, its details, how to get there, the cost and everything that surrounds this idyllic place.

The Virje Waterfall is a real must see if you visit the Soca Valley.

Its water descends from a height of around 12 meters, forming a unique ‘A’ shape. The water flows gently through the natural rock formations and then flows into an emerald pool. The lush green surroundings further enhance the beauty of this natural wonder.

There is a good reason why it is becoming an increasingly popular place every year.

As the waterfall is located in the immediate vicinity of Bovec, it is a short drive away and the perfect way to spend a few more hours enjoying the beauty of the Soca Valley.

How to get to the Virje Waterfall

The parking lot of Virje Waterfall can be reached from Bovec by car, bus or on foot.

By car

If you choose to travel by car, your journey will begin by reaching the town of Bovec, which is accessible from Tarvisio, Kranjska Gora, or Kobarid.

From the center of Bovec, a narrow asphalt road leads to the village of Plužna, which you will need to traverse. This can be challenging in certain sections due to the narrowness of the road, making it tricky for drivers to navigate, especially when encountering traffic.

Upon reaching Plužna, you will arrive at a crossroads where you need to turn right. This is the only prominent crossroads that, when turning right, leads to an asphalt road through the hillside. This road is also notably narrow, so it is advisable to proceed with caution and take it as soon as you can, all the while being mindful of potential encounters with oncoming traffic.

After this short stretch, you will already arrive at the parking lot, which is the parking area for the Virje Waterfall.


For parking, you will need to pay a one-time fee at the onsite machine, which is a few euros (€5 for cars and €10 for larger vehicles in 2023) and allows for 2 hours of parking.

There is no entrance fee to Virje Waterfall, so the parking fee is your only cost at this attraction.

When you arrive at the parking lot and purchase your parking ticket, you can begin the walking tour.

In the parking lot, there is a sign with information about the location and the route.

By bus

During the peak summer season, Bovec Hop-on Hop-off buses operate for tourists in the Soca Valley. These buses can also help you get to Virje Waterfall.

Timetables and ticket prices can be found on the official website.

The bus takes to Pluzna, from where you can walk to the car park and then to the Virje Waterfall.

On foot

On foot, the road from the center of Bovec to the Virje Waterfall is about 4 km (2.5 miles). So if you like walking, this might be a good option. The route is the same as for the other options: walk to Plužna, from there to the car park and then to the waterfall.

From the parking lot, the footpath is just a short walk of a few hundred meters along a gravel path.

If you prefer hiking shoes for more comfort, you can use them on the slightly slippery path, but comfortable shoes are sufficient for the walk.

After the gravel path, crossing a small wooden bridge, you reach the amazing Virje Waterfall.

Is swimming allowed in the pool of Virje Waterfall?

The alluring emerald pool and the crystal clear water at the base of the Virje Waterfall seem inviting to visitors.

However, it’s important to note that the water is extremely cold, even during the hot summer days.

In addition, to protect the natural environment, swimming is not allowed and there are warning signs. Unfortunately, many people ignore this.

Where to stay near the Virje Waterfall

As Virje Waterfalls is located near Bovec, it is recommended to stay in Bovec or possibly in Kobarid.

Because of the popularity of the area, it offers a wide range of accommodation, from charming riverside or meadow campsites, to guest houses and four-star hotels.

We personally recommend the following accommodation:

In Bovec

In Kobarid

Best time to visit the Virje Waterfall

Although the Virje Waterfall is a year-round attraction, the best time to visit is late spring and early summer, when the water flow is at its peak. The surroundings are bright green, highlighting the beauty of the area.

In summer and on weekends, crowds can form at the waterfall.

The best times of day are late morning and late afternoon, when there are fewer tourists but not too much shade.

The Virje Waterfall is a real hidden gem of Slovenia and is recommended for those who love nature, easy walks or simply want to retreat to an idyllic place to relax and experience the wonders of nature. Don’t miss it if you travel to the Soca Valley.

Other attractions near Virje Waterfall in Slovenia

The area around Virje Waterfall is full of popular attractions that are also worth visiting.

The nearest attractions to the Virje Waterfall are a short walk from the car park, they are the Plužna Lake (Akumulacijsko jezero Plužna) and the Glijun Spring (Izvir Glijuna). If you have time in the area, visit these as well.

Furthermore, we recommend these other popular attractions in the Soca Valley:


Great Soca Gorge

The Great Soca Gorge is a rocky stretch along the Soca River. This area, with its gorge-like river valley and steep cliffs of the surrounding mountains, offers a spectacular view.

The Great Soca Gorge is one of the most impressive parts of the Soca River Valley. The rock walls are high and steep, creating extremely narrow spaces in some places. Together with the beautiful turquoise waters and the surrounding green forests and mountains, it is a magical scene.

Boka Waterfall

Boka Waterfall is the largest waterfall in Slovenia, with an overall height of 144 meters and a width of 18 meters.

Boka Waterfall is a waterfall on the Boka River, which flows into the Soca River shortly after the waterfall.

The Boka Waterfall is clearly visible from the road 203. You can park your car along the road and admire the huge waterfall among the rocks, either from the road or from the hiking trail leading to the waterfall.

Kozjak Waterfall

The Kozjak Waterfall near Kobarid is a popular tourist attraction in the Soca Valley.

Kozjak Waterfall is located on the Kozjak Stream, a tributary of the Soca River. The waterfall cascades down a rock wall and then collects in a natural pool at the bottom. The surrounding green vegetation and dark cliffs make it a fabulous sight.

Tolmin Gorge

The Tolmin Gorge is a truly unique natural attraction that offers a wonderful experience for nature lovers and active leisure enthusiasts.

Tolmin Gorge is a deep gorge carved out by the Tolminka River.

The gorge is famous for its stunningly beautiful natural formations of river and water carved stone walls, steep cliffs and canyons. The gorge is crossed by wooden bridges, which allow visitors to admire the natural formations up close.

For other attractions in the area, check out our articles on the Julian Alps and the Soca Valley, where you will find a wide range of other great places to visit in the area.

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