Plaza de Espana, Seville, Andalusia, Spain


Best time to travel:

For sightseeing: spring or autumn. Going to the beach: June-September




It is worth paying attention to values. Theft and car break-ins are relatively common in Spain


Type C or F



Capital city:


Spain is a favorite destination for many travellers, and for good reason. Spain is a southern European country with all the Mediterranean characteristics: pleasant warm weather, friendly people, fascinating historical sights. Spain is full of breathtaking places: wonderful beaches, magical mountain views, fantastic hiking trails, and interesting cities that reflect Spanish culture, lifestyle and vibrancy.

Spain has many well-known tourist regions. Northern Spain is home to world-famous Catalonia, with popular places such as Barcelona, the Montserrat Monastery and the Costa Brava. A little further south are Valencia and Alicante, which are much more Spanish, the latter being a favourite holiday destination for tourists. Andalusia is one of the places we think best reflects the Spanish culture: there you can find the world-famous Alhambra or the city of Seville.

Spain is also extremely famous for its gastronomy. Almost everyone knows the Spanish tortilla, gazpacho, paella and churros. There are many restaurants in the country, so you can try these local specialities almost anywhere.

Although Spain is a very likeable place, it has some disadvantages from a tourist point of view. The administration is very slow, so I hope you never have to try. We got an environmental permit for our car in Barcelona in over one month. While we were back home after only one week. We have never experienced anything like this anywhere. The other thing is public safety. As in many places in southern Europe, you need to keep an eye on your belongings. Unfortunately, we have seen several thefts in just a few weeks and our car has been attempted to be broken into in a guarded garage. Nevertheless, it is worth travelling around Spain, but with caution.

Our favourite experience is that Spanish people are very nice, friendly and helpful. You will find a completely different attitude than in the rest of Europe.

The public spaces are relatively tidy, the streets are often filled with flowers and beautifully coloured buildings, which makes Spain, which is sunny almost every day of the year, even more wonderful. The country has a huge historical heritage. Travelling around the country, you will often find small castles or even larger ones, old churches, buildings hundreds of years old. Spanish culture permeates almost everything, creating a magical atmosphere.

The Spanish flair: walking on the Spanish streets under the orange trees, sitting down with friends for a sangria at the local bar, and then enjoying the charming Spanish evenings with fantastic Spanish music (which is our favourite) into the night.

In conclusion, Spain is one of our favorite European destinations. We hope that our articles about Spain will help you get to know and fall in love with this wonderful country.

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