Kanal ob Soci, Soca Valley, Slovenia


Best time to travel:

City trips in spring or autumn, hiking in the mountains or beaching in summer, skiing in winter




Public safety is very good


Type C or F



Capital city:


Slovenia is a small country in the southern part of Central Europe. Although you wouldn’t think it based on its size, Slovenia has an amazing amount of attractions for tourists. Its two most famous tourist destinations are the Julian Alps in the western part of Slovenia, and the short but beautiful coastal part in the south. In addition, Slovenia has a lot to offer those who like to visit cultural venues: the country has many castles and other interesting buildings.

The most famous settlement in Slovenia is undoubtedly the world-famous, fairy-tale-like Bled. In the middle of the beautiful blue water alpine lake there is a small island with a church on it. Another popular area of ​​Slovenia is the Soca valley, which stretches close to the Italian border and has fantastic waterfalls and mountains. The Slovenian coast is also a very fashionable place, where huge numbers of people go to the beach in the summer. The most famous destinations there are the port city of Koper and the picturesque Piran.

Slovenia is a real welfare state, quite similar to Austria. Not for nothing, since the Alpine landscapes and the similar architectural style make them similar. Slovenia’s infrastructure is very good. Their roads are of good quality, although the traffic on the highways is often huge. Shopping options are also definitely good, especially in the bigger cities.

Our favourite place is the Alps, where we regularly go hiking. There are some fantastic places in the Julian Alps, so perfect you wouldn’t think of them if you didn’t know Slovenia. Just take a look at the Jasna Lake in Kranjska Gora or the Virje Waterfall in Bovec.

Have you ever seen the Velika Planina plateau, covered in crocuses in spring? Or have you walked through the picturesque streets of Piran in the summer sunset? Have you ever tried the famous Bled Cream Cake sitting on the lakeside of Lake Bled? If not, it’s time to visit Slovenia! We have articles on our blog to help you find out what to see when travelling to Slovenia.

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