Roman Forum, Rome, Italy


Best time to travel:

For sightseeing: spring or autumn. Going to the beach or hiking: June-September. Ski: between December and March.




Especially in southern Italy it’s worth paying attention. Theft is relatively common in Italy


Type L (but in hotels often C or F can also be used)



Capital city:


Italy is a favorite destination for many travelers, and for good reason. Italy is a southern European country with all the Mediterranean characteristics: pleasant warm weather, friendly people, fascinating historical sights, world-famous Italian gastronomy, just to mention the pizza and pasta. No matter what type of travel you prefer, Italy has it all. If you feel like it, you can walk along the Venetian lagoons admiring the old colorful houses and historical heritage, or go hiking in the Dolomites, the most beautiful part of the Alps. Or, if you prefer, you can hang out on the Italian beaches with an Aperol Spritz in hand.

Italy has many well-known tourist regions. In the north, the Dolomites mountain group is one of the most beautiful parts of the Alps, offering great skiing opportunities in winter and wonderful hiking options in summer. Not far from it, we can admire the historic city of Venice. Lake Garda, Lake Como and the city of Milan are the most famous places in Northern Italy. Then let’s mention the Cinque Terre, then Tuscany with Florence and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In the south, we can visit Rome including the Colosseum, Naples and the nearby Mount Vesuvius and the increasingly popular Amalfi Coast. Italy is so diverse that it is difficult to even list it.

If you are traveling to Italy, the list below can help you with some information.

Italians are a true Mediterranean people with all its advantages and disadvantages. Italians are generally nice, very helpful, but often very hot-headed and loud.

If you drive there by car, you have to learn the local pace and style, which, for example, in southern Italy is very fast, cheeky and loud with lots of horns. But if you understand the Italian way of life, you’ll laugh at it.

Prices are not high in Italy, it is easy to organize low-budget trips there. The food is fantastic and not expensive, nor are the shops. Only driving is expensive (fuel and highways are also terribly expensive).

In most things, you will meet European standards, except for sockets. They are different, so it is worth bringing a converter to Italy. However, some attentive hotels have “normal” European sockets.

Italy is also famous for its beaches. Our personal favorites are around Jesolo and Bibione, we think the Adriatic coast offers very good beaches, but the crowds are huge in summer. Of course, Italy is full of beaches, so you can swim in the sea almost anywhere.

Speaking of Italian food, if you travel to Italy, don’t miss the original Italian pizza (without ketchup!), bruschetta, Italian pasta and pesto that goes well with any of them. There are Italian cheeses like Grana Padano (our favorite), mozzarella or burrata. Italian restaurants usually serve high-quality food, and we are rarely disappointed.

In conclusion, Italy is one of our favorite European destinations. We hope that our articles about Italy will help you get to know and fall in love with this wonderful country.

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