The Best European Travel Destinations to Visit in April

August 29, 2023

Spring is often considered the most beautiful season in Europe. The weather is becoming warmer, the days are getting longer, it is finally not getting dark too early. The flowers are opening and the trees are sprouting new shoots. Spring is a time when everything in nature is covered in color.

Of the three spring months, April is perhaps the most colorful and the month that brings the most change. The grey winter landscape turns green, pink and yellow in a few weeks. April is also a favorite month for photographers, thanks to the abundance of sunshine. And with the pleasant temperatures outside, there are plenty of people keen to be out on the streets, walking in the parks and exploring the outdoors.

April is a spring month that we ourselves often recommend for exploring different destinations. It is a particularly good time for sightseeing, because April is not peak season in most places, but most conditions are already ideal for a perfect city break. European cities often hold flower festivals around April, which also makes them an attractive destination for tourists.

As April is often the month of Easter, many people travel during this time of year. In addition, April is a long way from the Christmas holidays, but it is also a long way from the summer holidays. So why not take an extra break in April to relax or explore a new place.

In the following article, we will show you some of the best places to visit in Europe in April. So let’s see what our recommendations are for April for those looking to travel in Europe.

Top European destinations in April

Velika Planina, Slovenia

Velika Planina is a very popular spring destination in Slovenia. Velika Planina is a plateau in the Slovenian Alps, where you will find interesting wooden chalets and beautiful fields of crocus flowers in spring. The enormous, all-encompassing fields of crocuses that bloom in April and May are the reason for the plateau’s popularity.

We had the opportunity to visit it several times. You can go by mountain lift or by car. We prefer the car, but recommend it only for experienced drivers, as the road uphill is bumpy and narrow in places.

One more thing to be prepared for: the flowers bloom slightly differently every year. So we use webcam recordings to see when to go. When most of the snow has melted, that’s when the crocuses come out, that’s when you have to travel there to see most of the crocuses.

Velika Planina can also be visited during the rest of the year, but there are no spectacular flower fields then, so the best time to visit is definitely mid-spring.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi Coast is a very popular destination in Italy, and for good reason. In fact, a visit to the Amalfi Coast is recommended all year round, but spring is the best time to visit. In spring, there are fewer tourists, the flowers are in bloom, the weather is ideal… maybe the only thing that’s not always possible is the swimming, because it’s not warm enough. But April is the perfect time to walk around the city, admire the amazing, unique buildings and cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, take photos and enjoy the sunshine.

The Amalfi Coast is one of our personal favorites, not only in the Naples area, but all over Italy. The Amalfi Coast stretches south of Naples, in the northern part of the Gulf of Salerno. Enchanting fairytale towns built into the steep mountainsides, lemon groves and beautiful colorful houses come to mind. The Amalfi Coast is a special, atmospheric, romantic place, comparable to few other places.

The two most visited destinations are Positano and Amalfi. Both are similar and magically beautiful in April. Along the winding roads through the towns, numerous panoramic lookouts offer breathtaking views. The Amalfi Coast is an absolute must in Italy.

Venice, Italy

Although not many people think of Venice as a spring destination, Venice is definitely at its most beautiful in spring.

The weather in Venice is almost perfect in April, with pleasant early summer temperatures making it ideal for a city break. Also, although the Venice Carnival is over, it has the advantage of lowering prices and making a visit to Venice more affordable.

The light is perfect for taking photos most of the time, with the city in full glow during most of April, illuminating the Gran Canal in a beautiful blue. The colorful houses also shine best in the spring light.

Venice is not as crowded in April as it is during the peak summer season or Carnival. You will never find few people when visiting Venice, but the crowds are more tolerable.

Although the plants are not really significant in Venice, the other aspects make it an ideal April destination in Europe.

If you want to read more about Italy, you can find our article about the best places to visit in Italy here.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is the capital of Austria and one of Central Europe’s economic, cultural and tourist centres. Vienna really is the ideal place for a spring city break. In spring, the cherry trees and magnolias bloom, covering the city in rosy pink flowers.

This is also the time of year when the gardens of Schönbrunn Palace are in bloom, creating a much more pleasant atmosphere when walking in the gardens than at other times of the year.

In Vienna, the Votiv Church, the Stadtpark and the Japanese Garden are particularly famous for the spring blossoms in their surroundings.

Green Lake, Austria

In Austria, not only Vienna is an outstanding destination, but there are also many fascinating places to visit in the countryside. One of the best places in Austria to explore in April is Grüner See or in English Green Lake. Green Lake is located in the mountains of Styria, within easy driving distance of the city of Graz.

The Grüner See is an exceptional mountain lake in a picturesque location in Austria. The water level in the lake is constantly changing. It is named after the emerald green color of its water. The lake is at its most beautiful between April and June. We think the best month to visit the lake is April.

If you are planning a trip to Austria and need more information for your trip, you can read our Austria one week itinerary by clicking here.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is on the list of the best European destinations in April for good reason. In the Netherlands, the world-famous Tulip Festival is held in the spring, attracting a huge number of tourists to Amsterdam.

April is the middle of the tulip season, so you are almost guaranteed to see the stunning Dutch tulip fields in all their glory.

The weather is also ideal for sightseeing in the Netherlands. It’s worth a visit to Amsterdam city centre. A long walk along Amsterdam’s canals is a wonderful way to see the city’s sights, such as the Royal Palace Amsterdam, the Anne Frank House, the NEMO Science Museum or the Rijksmuseum.

But there are other attractions in the Dutch countryside that are easily accessible by car. The rural village of Giethoorn, for example, is becoming increasingly famous. Giethoorn, a village 1.5 hours’ drive from Amsterdam with a fairytale-like beauty. Giethoorn is famous for the canal that runs through the village, along which you can find cute little houses. This part of the village is most accessible on foot from the car parks outside the village. The canal can also be crossed by boat, which can be hired on site. It is more crowded in summer, but absolutely pleasant to visit in spring.

Moreover, if you are in Amsterdam in April, don’t forget to visit the famous Dutch mills. The most famous ones are around Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Our favorites were the Windmills at Kinderdijk.

We have created a two-day itinerary for a trip to the Netherlands. If you are planning a holiday to the Netherlands, click here for more information.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is also a city famous for its tulips, among other things. In April, the half-European, half-Asian metropolis is the home of the popular International Istanbul Tulip Festival. In April, the historic centre of the city is decorated with huge tulip plantations. The tulips make the already colorful and vibrant city of Istanbul even more impressive.

But the International Istanbul Tulip Festival is not just about tulips. You can also see daffodils, purple grape hyacinths and pansies planted among the tulips to create a vibrant, gorgeous floral display.

If you travel to Istanbul, besides the tulips, you should also see the other sights of the city. There are the famous mosques of Istanbul, such as the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia and the Ortaköy Mosque, the world-famous Bosphorus Strait with its many lookouts, the interesting Ottoman palaces and the delights of the popular Turkish cuisine. Istanbul is worth a trip and the best time to visit is in spring.

So this was the list of the best European destinations in April. We hope we have given you some useful tips if you are looking for a destination in Europe in April. April is a month in Europe that provides ideal conditions for a good trip, so it is worth exploring a new destination every spring.

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