Golden Horn Bay, Istanbul, Turkey


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From spring to autumn




Crimes against tourists are rare, but it is advisable to be careful


Type C or F


Turkish lira

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Turkey, officially the Republic of Türkiye, is a Middle Eastern country with a smaller part in Europe and a larger part in Asia. Due to its size, it is a diverse country, offering tourists a multitude of attractions.

Turkey contains countless tourist destinations and unique landscapes. In Turkey, for example, are the extraordinary rock caves of Cappadocia, the majestic ancient ruins of Ephesus, the snow-white terraces of Pamukkale, not to mention Istanbul’s magnificent colors.

The magical, ancient city of Istanbul is unique in the world. So many cultures, East and West, the Bosphorus and the Marmara Sea meet in this transcontinental city, which has its historic core and commercial centre in Europe, but a third of its population in Asia. In its thousands of years of history, it has been Lygos, Constantinople and New Rome. The secrets of ancient times are preserved in an unparalleled wealth of architectural monuments: mosques, minarets, palaces, churches, synagogues, museums. A myriad of contrasts, a magnificent cavalcade of scents, colours and flavours will immediately impress the traveller in Istanbul, a city like no other. You can’t get enough of Turkey’s largest city: shuttle between Asia and Europe, dive into the old quarter of Sultanahmet, wander the Grand Bazaar or admire the Bosphorus at sunset.

The Turkish Riviera’s dreamy resort towns, gorgeous sandy beaches and excellent hotels will make an unforgettable holiday for all the family.

Another famous Turkish tourist destination is Antalya and its surroundings. Rich in ancient Greek and Roman ruins, dotted with waterfalls and hiking trails, and covered with forests and mountains, Antalya is an adventurer’s paradise. With Turkey’s most iconic coastline, the city is an unmissable attraction in the Mediterranean.

Cappadocia, a province of the former Roman Empire, is a truly incredible place, with its landscape dotted with valleys and dramatic rock formations. From the stunning underground cities to the breathtaking views, this city offers an unforgettable experience that is sure to be remembered.

Another outstanding attraction of Turkey is its gastronomy, boasting some of the best cuisine in the world, which is a great experience in itself. One of the greatest treasures of Turkish cuisine is the menemen, a Turkish vegetable ragout with eggs. It is also one of our personal favourites. Other famous dishes are köfte, a meat dish, and börek, a stuffed pie. The most famous is Turkish baklava, which is always a must-try for tourists. There are many different types and all of them are heavenly delicious. Another world-famous Turkish speciality is kebab. There are many varieties, each slightly different. Basically, it is a skewered, grilled meat dish with rice, bulgur or flat bread and vegetables. Whichever you try, it will be a fantastic experience. Our other personal favourite is Dolma, which is a grape leaf filled with various ingredients. Turkish tea and coffee are an important part of everyday life for Turkish people. Both are unique in their own category, so don’t miss them if you visit Turkey.

From a Western perspective, Turkey is definitely a low-cost tourist destination. Turkey is an easy place for low budget travel. Accommodation and food are cheap. The quality of service is still excellent, with 4-5 star hotels already offering a very professional level of service at a good price.

Turkish people are very nice and direct. They are even more passionate than Europeans. They love to enjoy life, and their love for music, food and community shows it. It exudes from the Turkish streets. At sunset, families sit out on the banks of the Bosphorus to eat and chat. It is a moving sight.

The only disadvantage is that public safety is worth taking care of. There are terrorist incidents every few years, and petty theft is common in everyday life.

Spring and autumn are best for sightseeing, while the beach is best visited in summer. If you want to do both at the same time, early summer is the best time. However, keep in mind that Istanbul has a tulip festival in spring, when the city is at its most colourful and decorative.

Turkey, as the description shows, is a very special and diverse country with a huge cultural and natural heritage. If you’re interested in a holiday in Turkey, we are happy to help you organise your trip with our further articles.

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