Amsterdam, Netherlands


Best time to travel:

Spring or autumn




Very safe and well regulated country


Type C or F



Capital city:


The Netherlands is a small country in Northwestern Europe. Its reputation is not based on its size, but on its economic performance, culture, amazing architecture and liberal ideas.

If you are interested in travel, you probably have seen photos of the famous Dutch tulip fields that cover the Netherlands every spring. Secondly, the windmills are popular and can be found almost anywhere in the country and are the best photo subjects. Walking along the canals of Amsterdam is perhaps the most Dutch of all experiences. The capital has the most famous party districts and the most interesting canals. And even if you’re in the countryside, the Netherlands has plenty to offer: beautiful castles, windmill parks, colourful canal-side streets. More experienced travelers might know the name Giethoorn, which is a little wonder of the Netherlands countryside.

The Netherlands is a much more likeable country in reality than a traveler might first think. It’s not just the tourist attractions that are interesting in the Netherlands. There are some of the best roads in Europe, which, after testing, we can really say is true. The motorways are free, and the low emission zones are automatic, so you don’t need a sticker, they don’t annoy drivers like in other countries. The country feels extremely clean, ordered and safe. We never had to worry about our car or our bags. Perhaps that was what impressed us most about the Netherlands.

Spring is the best time to visit. The weather is perfect then, and the flower fields (tulips and other flowers) are so magical that it’s worth planning your trip for then. Amsterdam’s canals and windmills are eternally beautiful, but the flowers make the Netherlands so much more vibrant that spring is definitely the best time of year. If you want a slightly less touristy time, autumn is still recommended. The weather is pleasant and you don’t have to expect excessive crowds.

The Netherlands is very liberal about partying. Marijuana is legal here, available from places called “coffee shop”. In downtown Amsterdam, in fact, there are quite a lot of places where you can walk around smelling of marijuana. The red light district is also a famous party district, although we would only recommend it to the brave, it’s not a typical tourist attraction. Here, you’ll notice that there’s more liberty and more free or wild partying than in other countries.

So there are many things to love about the Netherlands: its architecture, like its magical castles and windmills, its natural beauty, like its flower fields or its coastlines, or its development, which makes it one of the most liveable countries in Europe.

We have already been convinced by its charm, we can’t wait to return. We hope you will also enjoy our articles about the Netherlands.

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