Lago di Braies, Dolomites, Italy

The 10 Best Photo Spots in the Dolomites

August 29, 2023

The Dolomites are one of the most beautiful places in the world, and we’re not the only ones to say so.

The jewel of northern Italy, one of the best hiking destinations in the Alps. In winter the Dolomites are famous ski paradise, but we think Dolomites are at their best in summer.

Huge alpine pastures with flowers, grazing animals, sunshine and fresh mountain air. And all of this can be admired by travelling along the wonderful mountain roads and passes. And Italian and South Tyrolean food! Do we need more than that?

In this article, we list 10 of the most beautiful places in the Dolomites where you can take the best photos. We’ve tried them out, and we’ve also shown you some of the photos we took there.

We write the names in Italian because that’s the easiest way to find them on the internet.

So let’s see the top 10 photo spots in the Dolomites.

Lago di Braies

-photo spots marked with light blue on the map-

Lago di Braies is the most famous lake in the Dolomites. It is also without doubt one of the most amazing. You can take good photos from the lakeshore next to the chalet or, if you rent a boat, from almost anywhere on the lake. Our favorite photo spot is inside the boat rental house when the boats are in place just after opening or just before closing.

The exact photo points are marked on the map.

Tre Cime di Lavaredo

-photo spots marked with dark blue on the map-

In fact, the Tre Cime di Lavaredo Nature Park has countless photo points. However, we have marked for you the best ones that we have recorded.

The road to the Tre Cime (Three Peaks) is toll road. There are many parking places and several guest houses (Rifugio in Italian). Definitely a good hiking area with many attractions and good infrastructure.

Lago di Misurina

-photo spots marked with burgundy on the map-

The lake in Misurina is also one of the most famous places in the Dolomites. Its main photo point is opposite one of the lakeside hotels, as marked on the map. It has rained here two out of three times so far, so we were so happy to have the opportunity to photograph a whole sunset.

Lago di Sorapis

-photo spots marked with purple on the map-

Lake Sorapiss is a huge favorite of visitors to the Dolomites. It is quite difficult to reach, an approximately 8 km long hiking trail leads up to the lake, which can be very steep and of poor quality in some hiking sections. However, the round trip of 16-17 km is absolutely worth it, because the view is really like what you can see in the pictures.

Passo Giau

-photo spots marked with darker green on the map-

The Passo Giau is a long mountain pass, but there are still 1-2 points where it is most worth taking photos.

One is the mountain in the photo and the other is to take drone photos of the hairpin turns of the pass.

You can find the photo points for Passo Giau on the map.

Passo Gardena

-photo spots marked with light green on the map-

Passo Gardena is also a long mountain pass, which offers many photo opportunities.

Our favourite is where a winding little hiking trail goes up to the mountain, as you see it on the map.


-photo spots marked with yellow on the map-

Seceda is a mountain in the Puez-Odle Nature Park. It gained its popularity with its special forms. You can reach it from Ortisei by mountain cable cars, and you can take photos in this wonderful place with a relatively short walk. Of course, for those who like mountain hiking, Seceda can be reached on foot from Val Gardena.

Alpe di Siusi

-photo spots marked with orange on the map-

The Alpe di Siusi is a plateau and Europe’s largest high alpine meadow. It is a major tourist attraction, especially for skiing and hiking, in the Dolomites in the South Tyrol region of Italy. From almost any point on the Alpe di Siusi you will find magnificent views of the Sassolungo and Sassopiatto mountains.

Because access by car is limited, it is recommended to book accommodation in the Alpe di Siusi area. If you don’t have accommodation in the area, we recommend the mountain cable car from Ortisei.

Almost any point on the Alpe di Siusi is a good photo point, but we’ll show you our favourites.

Lago di Carezza

-photo spots marked with pinky red on the map-

The Lago di Carezza is a less busy area in the Dolomites, but we think it is one of the most beautiful. It is a little further away from the other famous attractions in the Dolomites. Nevertheless, it is well worth the trip.

The stunning green-blue-yellow colored water of the lake reflects the Latemar mountain range behind it. The water level and its color are constantly changing throughout the year. In summer, there are also beautiful pink flowers on the shores of the lake, which make the photos even more wonderful.

Val di Funes

-photo spots marked with violet on the map-

The famous Instagram spot that only few people know where it is. We include a photo of one of the churches, but you can also take a photo of the whole village from the hilltop. Please note, the hilltop is only accessible on foot because foreign cars are banned from the village.

In addition, the more famous Geisler Alm (German name) is also nearby and can be reached by a moderate mountain hike.

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