Bratislava Castle, Slovakia


Best time to travel:

City trips in spring or autumn, hiking in the mountains in summer, skiing in winter




It is generally safe, but there are occasional incidents of petty robbery


Type C or E



Capital city:


Slovakia, officially the Slovak Republic, is a small Central European country in the northern part of the Carpathian Basin.

Slovakia’s main tourist attractions include the wild mountain landscapes and nature reserves of the Northern Carpathians, ski resorts and spectacular caves, the medieval atmosphere of Bratislava and many smaller towns, the castles and palaces of former lords, and folk art monuments. The country is also justly famous for its numerous thermal springs and spas.

What you need to know about Slovakia: beautiful pine-covered mountain ranges, diverse caves, trickling streams, mineral springs, ancient castles and priceless religious monuments. The Tatras are densely criss-crossed by marked hiking trails of varying difficulty, where hikers can discover this unique natural environment on foot or by bike.

Bratislava, the capital and most famous city in Slovakia, is unique in its style, culture and history. The nearby Devin Castle on the banks of the Danube has a history going back hundreds of years.

Slovakia has a humid continental climate with warm summers and relatively cloudy, wet, cold winters.

Slovak gastronomy is very similar to that of neighbouring countries. Their national dish is Bryndzove halusky, accompanied by the traditional drink Zincica.

If you are interested in Slovakia and would like to visit, our other articles can help you organise your trip to Slovakia.

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