View from the Pont du Grund

Luxembourg City: One Day in Luxembourg City

August 29, 2023

Luxembourg City is the capital of Luxembourg and one of the smallest capitals in Europe. Situated at the confluence of the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers, the city offers beautiful scenery and many tourist opportunities.

The city is full of cultural and historical attractions, and its old town and Grund district are among the most beautiful medieval districts in Europe. Luxembourg City is home to a number of museums, parks and buildings that showcase interesting moments in the country’s history and culture.

The city of Luxembourg is proud not only of its history but also of its modernity. It is also home to the headquarters of the European Union institutions and plays a major role in European politics and the economy. On the other hand, its suburbs have a modern and developed infrastructure. Therefore, Luxembourg City is an ideal destination for tourists interested in both history and modernism.

A trip to Luxembourg can be easily integrated into any other Western European trip. Whether you are in Western Germany, Northern France or the Netherlands, it is worth taking a day to visit Luxembourg.

Before we list the main attractions of Luxembourg, here are some frequently asked questions about visiting Luxembourg.

Is one day enough to discover Luxembourg?

We think so, if you just want to visit the capital. Otherwise, a quick stopover will take you around the old town in a couple of hours. But if you want to see more, it is worth planning a full day in Luxembourg City. And if you also want to visit the countryside, you will need 2-3 days.

When is the best time to visit Luxembourg?

As with all European cities, we recommend spring and autumn for visiting Luxembourg. The best months are May, September and October. At this time of year the weather can be a little rainy, but temperatures are ideal for sightseeing.

Where to park near the Old Town in Luxembourg?

This is a difficult question that we found problematic during our trip to Luxembourg.

Although the city of Luxembourg is apparently full of underground car parks and in some places there are parking spaces on the street, it can take a long time to find a parking space if you travel by car. There are almost always many tourists in the city centre and some car parks may be closed.

One of the largest parking lots close to the city centre is Parking Glacis Luxembourg. It is an outdoor parking lot with plenty of spaces, ideal for buses and caravans. However, it is a bit further away from the sights, so you have to walk more.

When we traveled, there was also a surprising amount of space in the Parking Monterey underground car park. And very close to the city centre is the Parking Théatre underground garage.

Take a drive around the city centre and hopefully you will succeed.

Best places to visit in Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City is a wonderful European capital with many interesting historical and cultural attractions.

The city centre is home to the Unesco World Heritage-listed Luxembourg Old Town, which attracts visitors with its unique castle system and impressive architecture. The Old Town’s narrow alleys, city walls and medieval buildings provide a charming and picturesque scene.

Here are the main attractions of Luxembourg City and the best things to see during a visit.

Notre-Dame Cathedral

Notre-Dame Cathedral is one of the main tourist attractions in Luxembourg City. The Notre-Dame Cathedral is located in the city centre. It was built in the 17th century and is one of the most important religious buildings in the city.

Notre-Dame Cathedral is an imposing building with tall towers and rich decoration. The façade is notable for the rose window above the main entrance, an iconic element of Gothic architecture.

The interior of the cathedral is filled with impressive works of art and sacred objects. The altars, sculptures and paintings in the interior are from different periods and illustrate the religious and artistic history of the city.

Grand Ducal Palace

The Grand Ducal Palace is also located in the centre of Luxembourg City, close to Notre-Dame Cathedral. It is home to the Grand Ducal family of Luxembourg and hosts many official events. The building’s neoclassical style and imposing appearance make it a major attraction in Luxembourg City. The interior is only open to the public for a short period in summer.

Place Guillaume II

The Place Guillaume II is one of the central squares of the city of Luxembourg. It is home to important buildings and sculptures and is an important place in the life of the city. The square is surrounded by many buildings, including the town hall, cafés and shops. The square is named after the former Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Guillaume II, whose statue can be seen on the square.

Municipal Park

The Municipal Park is a beautiful public park in Luxembourg City, located near the city centre. Here you can find gardens, green areas, sculptures and other attractions ideal for relaxation and leisure activities.

Monument of Remembrance

The Monument of Remembrance, also known as Gëlle Fra (Yellow Lady), is located in the centre of the city and was constructed in memory of Luxembourg soldiers who died in the First World War.

The Monument takes the form of an imposing obelisk, one of the tallest buildings in the city. At the top of the obelisk stands the famous statue of the Yellow Lady, cast in bronze.

Adolphe Bridge

The Adolphe Bridge is an iconic bridge in Luxembourg City. The bridge connects the city centre with other parts of the city and plays an important role in the city’s road network.

The Adolphe Bridge was built in the early 20th century. The bridge was named in honor of a former Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Prince Adolphe.

Visitors to Luxembourg City have the opportunity to visit and cross the bridge and enjoy the magnificent views of the city and valley from the bridge.

Fort Thüngen

Fort Thüngen is a historic fortress in the city of Luxembourg, which played an important role in the defence of the city. The fortress was built in the 18th century.

Fort Thüngen is now a museum which offers visitors the opportunity to explore the historic fortress. The museum presents the history of the fort and the military history of the city of Luxembourg.

Pont du Grund

Pont du Grund is the bridge over the river Alzette in Luxembourg City. The bridge offers an exceptional and famous view of the city centre.

The best way to reach it on foot is to walk down the panoramic road from the Grand Ducal Palace towards the river Alzette.

These are the attractions in Luxembourg City that can make up about a pleasant day out. If you are looking for more, the country of Luxembourg has many more wonderful attractions to offer tourists. There is also plenty to explore in the neighboring countries of Belgium, Germany and France.

We hope you get inspired for a city break to Luxembourg and if you enjoyed our article, read the other ones too.

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