Fisherman's Bastion, Budapest, Hungary


Best time to travel:

Spring or autumn for sightseeing. Summer for bathing in lakes or thermal baths




Generally safe, but be careful with small thefts


Type C or F


Hungarian forint

Capital city:


Hungary is a small Central European country on the border between East and West. This duality characterizes the country as a whole in many ways. Hungary was part of the former Soviet Union, which still has a very strong imprint.

It is quite difficult for us to give an objective picture of Hungary, because we are from there. Even though it’s different to live in a country and visit it as a tourist, we try to give tourists the most accurate view possible.

In Hungary, the most popular place for tourists is the capital, Budapest. It is no coincidence that Budapest is the most beautiful tourist destination in the country. A walk along the Danube, seeing the Fisherman’s Bastion or the Parliament can be a really good program. Or go up to Gellért Hill and admire the Parliament building with the panorama in front of us, including the wonderful Danube bridges like the Chain Bridge or the Liberty Bridge.

Hungary has a strong old culture, which can be sympathetic for tourists. In particular, it is Hungarian gastronomy that attracts attention. In almost every restaurant, you can find local dishes prepared based on old recipes. Let us mention the Hungarian fish soup (of which there are many varieties) or the world-famous goulash. In fact, in Hungary, goulash refers to goulash soup, and the world-famous “goulash” is “pörkölt” in Hungarian, which is a meat stew that is eaten with a side dish (for example pasta dishes such as „dödölle” or „nokedli”) and salad. Another popular dish is „lángos”, which is a piece of dough fried in oil, usually topped with onions (and/or garlic) plus sour cream and cheese. Each dish is breathtakingly delicious, you must try them if you travel to Hungary.

The other main tourist attraction is Lake Balaton, which is the most popular among locals, especially in summer. If you’re really curious about Hungary, don’t miss it. On the shores of Lake Balaton you can eat the best local food, walk along the lake shore admiring the picturesque scenery and in summer you can also go to the beach. The best views are in Tihany or Fonyód.

Other than these, the flower theme is very popular in Hungary. Foreigners are amazed at the variety of flowers we photograph there. In spring, specialities such as snowdrops and spring snowflake bloom here. Later, the rape fields turn almost the whole country yellow. Then comes the time of the purple flower fields, especially the lavender fields. At the end of summer, the sunflowers come into bloom, also covering large fields and creating beautiful landscapes.

Let’s look at some of the disadvantages. Hungary’s infrastructure is not as good as in Western Europe. The roads are of poor quality and in many places you have to suffer even for mobile internet, especially in rural areas. As a tourist, you won’t have any problems with the rest.
Public safety isn’t that good either. Always take care of your valuables, especially in Budapest.

Otherwise, the country offers a lot of entertainment, especially from spring to autumn. There are many festivals in Hungary: there is a lavender festival, a tulip festival, a flower carnival, wine festivals, beer festivals, food truck festivals, and the most famous are the Sziget festival and the VOLT festival.

We hope that you will like the Hungarian destinations and that you will enjoy reading about the country, so much so that you will visit it one day.

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