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From early summer to autumn




It is worth keeping an eye on the valuables, as thefts against tourists are rumoured to be increasing


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Greece, officially known as the Hellenic Republic, is a state in southeastern Europe, in the Balkans. Greece is a typical Mediterranean country.

Despite its small size and relatively weak economy, it is a world-famous country and a favourite destination for tourists. Who hasn’t seen photos of the breathtakingly beautiful Santorini or of Athens, with its rich cultural heritage? Or who has not heard of the Greek gods of Olympus?

Greece has around 1300 islands, the most famous of them are Crete, Rhodes, Santorini, Corfu, Zakynthos and Kefalonia.

Its largest cities are the popular capital Athens and Thessaloniki in the north.

Greece’s incredible cultural heritage has always made it a classic destination for travellers interested in culture. It is no longer just the ancient sites, which trace back to the roots of European cultural life, that attract foreigners, but also the fantastic scenery, the Mediterranean charm of the Greek islands, the hospitality of the Greek people and the many breathtaking beaches.

Crystal blue seas, sun-drenched ancient ruins, exciting landscapes, passionate people: it’s Greece that anyone who’s been there will always want to return to. Long, sandy beaches, lined with palm trees and laced with rocky coves, and 250 days of sunshine a year, offer beach lovers a chance to relax and revitalise.

Travelling to Greece is recommended from early summer to autumn, especially if you plan to go to the beach. Sea temperatures can be pleasant from around June to September. Sightseeing can be enjoyable at other times of the year when it is not too hot.

Greek gastronomy has been influenced by Turkish cuisine, and today it is particularly noticeable in starters (such as tzatziki and octopus marinated in lemon juice and olive oil). Cheaper snacks such as souvlaki and spanikopita can be found in many places. Popular mains are pastitsio (macaroni and minced meat fried in a béchamel sauce), stuffed tomatoes and freshly grilled seafood. The main accompaniment to Greek food is the famous Greek salad. Fast food is also available here, of course. Their own popular fast food is gyros, the Greek equivalent of Turkish kebap.

We believe Greece is a destination every true traveller should see once in their lifetime. It has natural and cultural characteristics that no other country has.

We’re also planning more trips to Greece, and we hope you’ll be inspired to visit it one day too.

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