Nürnberg, Germany


Best time to travel:

City trips in spring or autumn, hiking in the mountains in summer




Public safety is very good


Type C or F



Capital city:


Germany is a federal state in Western Europe and the largest member of the European Union. Germany is Europe’s second most populous country. Its borders stretch from the Alps to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Administratively, it is made up of 16 federal provinces and 294 districts. Its capital and most populous city is Berlin, its financial centre is Frankfurt am Main, and its largest contiguous urban region is the Ruhr. Other major cities are Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and Leipzig. Known and loved for its art and cultural history, Germany is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.

The biggest tourist attractions in Germany are the Bavarian Alps, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin and Cologne. By the way, almost any German city can guarantee a real German feel, so tourists have an easy time organising their trip. The country presents a very similar impression almost anywhere, with the landscape less varied than in other large countries. However, there are a few rural attractions not to be missed. These attractions are for example the Burg Eltz and The Devil’s Bridge, which became famous thanks to social media.

Our personal favourite is the Bavarian Alps, where we return regularly. We think it is the most beautiful and special part of Germany. A walk along the banks of the Eibsee, a cable car ride up to the top of the Zugspitze, a boat trip on the waters of the Königssee or a photo trip to the small lakes in the Bavarian Alps is an indescribable experience. A world-famous landmark in the Bavarian Alps is Neuschwanstein Castle, which you can find photos of on almost every travel site. It’s like a fairytale castle.

The weather in Germany is continental, which means warm summers and cold, snowy winters. Therefore, it is best to plan city visits for spring or autumn, while mountain activities are best planned for summer, when temperatures in the mountains are most pleasant.

Germany is a highly developed country. It has a good infrastructure, road network, services. Highways are free in the whole country. The only thing to remember with a car is that many big cities have introduced low emission zones, so always have a sticker on your car to enter. Public transportation is also very well developed, especially between and within the major cities.

German gastronomy includes dishes adopted from neighbouring countries, such as Käsespätzle, Grill plate and Schnitzel, but also includes typical German dishes. These are, for example, Sauerbraten, German sausages or Rouladen.

Germany has a lot to offer for visitors. Excellent infrastructure, good public safety, beautiful cities, incredible cultural heritage, stunning architecture, breathtaking alpine landscapes and enchanting little castles and fortresses. There are destinations in Germany you must see once in a lifetime.

You can find more detailed information about the most interesting mountain hiking destinations, city sights and natural or cultural treasures in the articles. We hope you will enjoy them.

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