Oeschinensee, Switzerland


Best time to travel:

Hiking in the mountains in summer, skiing in winter


In order of the number of speakers: German, French, Italian and Romansh


One of the best in Europe


Type C or J


Swiss franc

Capital city:


Switzerland is a small country in Western Europe. Although it is not large in size or population, it has gained a huge fame over the past century for its economic strength and, in part, its tourist treasures. Few places are as fascinating as Switzerland. What we tourists experience there is sometimes indescribable, but everyone wishes to return.

Switzerland is a very diverse country in terms of its population, culture and language. The locals are said to be rather closed communities, but that doesn’t mean they don’t welcome tourists with open arms. In addition to natives, permanent foreign residents and temporary migrant workers make up around 20% of the population. This is a relatively high percentage in Europe. The country is divided into four local languages: the largest area is German-speaking, the second largest is French-speaking, and there are also a smaller population speaking Italian or Romansh. The culture is the same: it is different whether you go to Zurich or Geneva, each area shows a slightly different side of Switzerland.

The most famous tourist destination in the north-east of the country is the Appenzeller Alps. Here, every year, thousands of tourists hike up to the Seealpsee and Fälensee to experience the magical alpine panorama.

Zurich is the largest and most popular city in Switzerland. The city on the shores of Lake Zurich offers plenty of opportunities for sightseeing, cultural experiences, entertainment and shopping.

Bern, the capital of Switzerland, is also a city with a lot to offer and, importantly, is perhaps the closest major city to the Swiss Alps, giving you easy access to your mountain destinations. Within an hour’s drive from Bern is the social media-famous Oeschinensee or the perhaps even more popular Lauterbrunnen, with the charming Grindelwald nearby.

In the countryside of southern Switzerland you will find the world-famous Matterhorn mountain, which also features in the design of the Toblerone chocolate brand. The area around the Matterhorn, including Zermatt, is a popular ski resort in winter.

Swiss gastronomy is quite similar to that of its neighbouring countries. One of the special Swiss dishes is fondue. For good reason, because one of Switzerland’s culinary strengths is cheese. Other delicious dishes are the Basel-style roasted flour soup and the Zurcher Geschnetzeltes. The Swiss also often eat Rösti, which is also a well-known side dish in other countries.

Switzerland exudes a sense of calm, cleanliness and order. Perhaps that’s what we like best. Everything is of good quality and well organised. Public safety is excellent and people are helpful. If you follow the rules there, you can only have a good experience.

Switzerland, although an expensive destination, has gained a huge reputation in social media in recent years. Even though it costs a lot of money to travel to Switzerland, you can really see and experience something special. There’s no lake as blue as Lake Oeschinen, no mountain like the Matterhorn and no photo opportunity like the one at the Hotel Belvedere Rhonegletscher.

Switzerland is a true must-see country for travellers. We hope our articles will inspire you to organise a trip to Switzerland.

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