Stari Most, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Best time to travel:

From spring to autumn




Generally safe, but be careful with small thefts


Type C or F


Convertible mark

Capital city:


Bosnia and Herzegovina is a small country in southeastern Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the most picturesque countries in the Balkans, it owes its diversity to its cultural uniqueness in Europe, with four religions shaping its history over the centuries. An unrivalled meeting of East and West awaits the traveller in this extraordinary country, which bears the hallmarks of both the former Ottoman Empire and the Monarchy. Visitors to Bosnia and Herzegovina will find nice people, beautiful mountain landscapes, winding rivers, waterfalls and medieval castle ruins. It is also home to Europe’s last remaining primeval forest, Perucica, part of the Sutjeska National Park near the Montenegrin border. The heart of the Bosnia and Herzegovina section, wedged into the Croatian coast, is the popular and well-equipped resort town of Neum. From the charming, picturesque towns of Mostar and Sarajevo, rich in history and buildings, to the oldest monuments of Slavic history, this unique Balkan country is well worth a visit.

For those who love winter sports, Bosnia and Herzegovina is the ideal place, offering skiing until April. The two most popular ski resorts are Bjelasnica-Igman and Jahorina.

The local cuisine is as much about East and West as it is about many other areas of culture. The most famous dishes from Bosnia and Herzegovina are Cevapi, Burek, Dolma and Bosnian bean soup.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a continental climate. The period from December to March is ideal for skiing, and in summer it’s worth going to the beach. Spring or autumn is the best time to visit for sightseeing.

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