The 15 Best Beaches on Pag Island in Croatia

October 26, 2023

The Pag Island is the fifth-largest island in Croatia, making it a popular summer destination for good reason. Located in the Kvarner Bay, the Pag Island is famous for its exceptionally beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea.

As one of the gems of Croatia, the Pag Island offers magical beach experiences that will leave unforgettable memories. You can explore its crystal blue sea coves, pebbly and sandy beaches and stunning panoramas while relaxing in the pleasant waters of the Adriatic Sea.

In this article, we will list the top beaches on the Pag Island, the ones that we think attract the most visitors and satisfy the most needs of a vacationer.

Compiling our list was not an easy task, as the Pag Island actually has an uncountable number of beaches. In fact, as the island is quite uniquely shaped, it has an extremely long coastline, which has resulted in countless beaches along every stretch of the island.

It should also be noted that the beaches on Pag have a unique atmosphere and character. Whether sandy or pebble beaches, the variety of the north or south coast, the different stretches of coastline all offer unique experiences.

The beaches on the north coast, with the Velebit mountain range in the background, offer a spectacular view not only when swimming. In fact, the turquoise sea and stunning scenery will guarantee unforgettable moments wherever you spend your holidays on the island.

The beaches of the Pag Island are not only a delight of natural beauty, but also offer a variety of recreational activities. Our list includes beaches that are popular among young people, where music festivals and summer parties make the night magical. We have also collected the ideal beaches for families, which are perfect for relaxation and water sports. So hopefully on our list everyone can find a beach to suit them if they are planning a holiday on the Pag Island.

So here are the 15 best beaches on the Pag Island.

The 15 best beaches on the Pag Island

Vlašići Beach, Vlašići

Vlašići Beach is located on the southern edge of Pag Island, just a few kilometers from the entrance bridge called Paški Most.

Although Vlašići Beach is located in the remote village of Vlašići, with narrow roads leading to the beach and only limited parking, it deserves to be ranked among the best beaches. Among the beaches on Pag Island, this is where we experienced the most beautiful water. Vlašići Beach is a small pebble beach with turquoise water and shallow depths. Next to the beach there is a restaurant with a beautiful view. It is possible to rent a pedal boat on the beach. However, unfortunately we did not find a shower.

Povljana Beach, Povljana

Povljana Beach is located on the southwestern part of the Pag Island, in the village of Povljana. The beach itself is more easily accessible by car, but parking in Povljana seemed a bit problematic for us.

Povljana Beach is close to the local apartments, pleasantly surrounded by palm trees, with the possibility to relax in the shade. The beach is a bit rocky, so water shoes are recommended. There are several restaurants near the beach.

Here you will find changing cabins and showers on the beach. However, during the summer when there are a lot of people, accessing them can be challenging due to their limited number.

Next to the beach you will find a long pedestrian promenade where you can walk along the coast. This promenade also leads to another beach in the village, the Mali Dubrovnik Beach.

Prosika Beach, Pag

Prosika Beach is the most popular beach in the town of Pag. A few minutes walk from the beach, there are two large parking lots on Prosika street where you can leave your car. Parking is paid, but you only need to purchase it for the duration of your stay.

On Prosika Beach you can find several restaurants, rent umbrellas and sunbeds, there are changing cabins and you can rent pedal boats. In addition, the views all around are fantastic.

Šimuni Beach, Šimuni

Šimuni Beach is the most popular beach in the village of Šimuni. It features a combination of pebbles and rocks, making water shoes highly recommended.

Parking is available in the nearby wooded car park, allowing you to keep your car shaded during the summer months, and providing plenty of space for relaxation in the shade. Parking tickets can be bought through the ticket machine.

The beach also offers some great restaurants and evening musical entertainment.

What we missed, otherwise on many beaches, was the shower. If there is a shower, please let us know.

Sveti Duh Beach, Kolan

Sveti Duh Beach, located near the village of Kolan, is a charming beach on a stretch of the island of Pag where there are several beaches.

The Sveti Duh Beach is lightly pebbly, mostly sandy and has shallow waters. It is a bit remote and conditions are not the best. There is a restaurant and camping nearby, but no shower facilities.

There is a daily parking fee at all beaches in the area, €5/day in 2023.

Gajac Beach, Gajac

Gajac Beach is a popular and well-equipped beach in the Gajac resort area on the Pag Island. The long stretch of beach is home to several bars, restaurants and cafes.

There is also the possibility to play volleyball and rent a jet ski or pedal boat. On the western edge of the beach, there is also a dog beach. In addition, wheelchair access is also available for swimming at Gajac Beach.

There are plenty of play opportunities for children, making it ideal for families.

Gajac Beach is very pebbly along its entire stretch, so water shoes are highly recommended. Moreover, this beach has a lot of sea urchins, so be careful where you step.

As it is a long stretch of beach with paved walkways, it is also an ideal place for a sunset beach walk.

Parking is easy, you can leave your car on the streets near the beach, as we know it, free of charge.

Zrće Beach, Novalja

Zrće Beach is probably the best equipped beach on the Pag Island, so it definitely gets the first place in our ranking of beaches on Pag.

The beach has beautiful turquoise waters, plenty of sun beds, showers, changing cabins and plenty of dining and entertainment options. The beach is slightly pebbly, so even here you should consider water shoes. During the summer, Zrće Beach hosts a renowned music festival in addition to its usual parties, which makes it attractive to young people.

Parking is charged according to the time spent. When you enter the car park, you have to pull a ticket, which you pay in cash at the gate when you exit.

Caska Beach, Caska

Caska Beach is located close to the town of Novalja in the neighborhood of Zrće Beach. It is a slightly pebbly beach with some restaurants and bars.

Not as well-equipped as the larger beaches, but the water here is excellent.

Parking is available very close to the beach and free of charge, which makes it popular.

Lokunje Beach, Novalja

Lokunje Beach is a popular beach in the central part of Novalja. A fine pebble beach with beautiful water, stylish umbrellas and restaurants and bars on the beach. You can also relax in the shade under the trees next to it.

There are several excellent hotels near Lokunje Beach, so booking accommodation there can make your beach experience even more relaxing.

A long promenade runs alongside the beach, which offers a pleasant walk along the beach.

Parking is available south of the beach, with private parking and street parking available.

Babe Beach, Novalja

Babe Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Novalja. It is a pebble beach with some rocks, so water shoes are recommended here too. The water is shallow.

The scenery is excellent, as the Velebit mountain range is visible on the northern side, this combined with the sight of clear blue water.

Restaurants are located next to the beach and pedal boats are available for hire.

The whole area is surrounded by forest, so you can relax in the shade.

Parking is possible in free or paid car parks close to the beach. The free car park fills up quickly, so pay parking is necessary in most cases.

Planjka Trinćel Beach, Novalja

Planjka Trinćel beach is located along the road 107 on the outskirts of Novalja. It is one of the best equipped beaches on the Pag Island, but can get crowded. Popular with families, the beach offers sunbed hire, snack bars and showers. You can also rent a pedal boat and jet ski.

The beach is quite pebbly, so water shoes are recommended.

Parking is available on the opposite side of the road.

Jadra Beach, Stara Novalja

Jadra Beach is perhaps the most spectacular of the beaches on the Pag Island. It is a very rocky beach with beautiful turquoise waters and small coves where you can swim. In the distance you can see the Velebit mountain range and the Rab Island.

Although the beach is not well-equipped, with only a small snack bar available, the scenery is so breathtaking that it is definitely worth a visit.

You can get to Jadra Beach via the village of Stara Novalja, where the last stretch of the road is a dusty, unpaved road. But don’t let that put you off, the views are spectacular!

There is a daily parking fee, but if you arrive early enough in the morning, you don’t have to pay.

Plat Beach, Zubovići

Plat Beach is a beach in a peaceful part of the village of Zubovići, located away from the main road.

It can be reached by a narrow road down the hillside, with a gravel parking area at the end of the road. The biggest advantage of the beach is that it offers the opportunity for a calm swim.

Facilities are among the less well-equipped, with only a small bar next to the beach.

However, the views from here and from the main road (down to the beach) are first class and well worth a visit.

Metajna Beach, Metajna

Metajna Beach is located in the center of Metajna village. It is a short, narrow stretch of beach with a slightly pebbly shore. It is not as well-equipped as the large beaches, so it is best to visit if you have accommodation in Metalja.

What makes it worth a visit is the magnificent view of the mountains and the houses in the village.

You can leave your car in the small car parks on the two ends of the beach.

Ručica Beach, Metajna

Ručica Beach is located in a secluded place in a corner of the village of Metajna.

It is not easy to get there, there are dusty, unpaved, narrow roads in some places, but for those who want to swim in a quieter place, this is the place to go.

Two roads lead down to the beach, one ending at Plaža Ručica Bar and the other at Konoba Kanjon. After leaving your car in the free parking lot, you need to walk a bit to reach the wonderful beach with its beautiful water.

The Ručica Beach is a pebbly, sometimes rocky beach, so be sure to bring beach your water shoes.

Next to it is Beritnica Beach, which offers an even more spectacular view with its uniquely shaped rocks. The approach on foot can be strenuous, as there is a hiking trail through the rocky hillside, but in this case you are guaranteed to enjoy a peaceful beach experience.

So this was our list of the best beaches on the Croatian island of Pag. The variety and beauty of the beaches of the Pag Island enchant visitors. The blue waters, the sunshine and the cultural treasures are all guaranteed to impress tourists. Whether it is active recreation or a stroll along the beach, the beaches of the Pag Island always offer special experiences that will make your trip to Croatia a memorable one.

After the 15 best beaches, here is some more information you might need when visiting the Pag Island.

Extra information about the beaches of Pag Island

  • In Croatian, the word beach means “plaža”, so beaches are often referred to as “Plaža” on Google Maps.
  • Unfortunately, very few beaches have showers, which can be annoying for people who are more sensitive to hygiene.
  • Take water shoes with you everywhere, because in most places you will need them.
  • Always carry cash (in euros), because in many places you can only pay in cash.
  • If you visit a beach in the morning (before 9-10 am) or in the evening (after 5-6 pm), you can avoid paying for parking in the daily rate areas and avoid the crowds.
  • Most beach bars and restaurants stay open late in the summer months, closing between 11pm and 1am in most cases.

How to get to Pag Island

For traveling to the island of Pag, we highly recommend using a car as your primary mode of transportation. While group bus tours are also available, especially through local bus companies in Croatia, a personal vehicle remains the most convenient option for independent exploration.

When visiting Pag Island from either the east or west, the optimal route is to take the A1 highway and exit at Posedarje Exit 16. From there, follow Road 106, which leads directly to the island. Once you have crossed the impressive Paški Most (bridge), this same road will guide you through the island’s interior.

Alternatively, there is the Prizna – Žigljen ferry service, which runs between Prizna and the northern part of the island of Pag. This ferry also takes you to road 106.

If you travel by plane, the nearest airport is Zadar Airport, but most international flights arrive at Zagreb Airport, from where it is worth continuing to the island by car.

Where to stay on Pag Island

There is a wide range of accommodation on Pag Island, so there is plenty to choose from.

Here is a list of the accommodation we recommend:

Hotels in Novalja

Novalja is in a very good location, so it’s worth looking for accommodation there. There are excellent 4-star hotels in Novalja, such as:

Hotels in Pag

In Pag we can recommend:

Alternatively, if you want something different, you can use our map search to find accommodation of a different type or price range to suit your needs.

How much time to spend on the Pag Island

For recreation and relaxation, of course, plan as much time as you want. The minimum time to explore Pag Island properly is 2–3 days. If you want to try more beaches from the list, you will need that time or more.

Or if you choose the traditional one-week tour in Croatia, you will have plenty of time to explore the island, try out several beaches and discover the other attractions in the area.

Other attractions near the Pag Island


Zadar is without doubt one of the most important cities on the Croatian coast. It is the second-largest city of the region of Dalmatia and the fifth-largest city in the country.

Zadar has a beautiful, charming old town with great, interesting and exciting sights, and there are some pretty good beaches in the area. It’s worth planning your holiday to include a visit to St. Donat’s Church, the promenade along the beach and the Sea Organ.

Zrmanja Canyon

The Zrmanja Canyon in Croatia is a picturesque site in a hidden location in Dalmatia, near Zadar. This canyon was formed by the Zrmanja River and contains a fascinating natural landscape.

The Zrmanja River flows from a small village east of Zadar and is surrounded for most of its length by steep cliffs. The place is very spectacular with the bright colors and clear waters of the river and its surroundings.

The Zrmanja Canyon area offers many opportunities for nature lovers. Visitors can kayak or raft down the river and explore the canyon’s stunning scenery.

It is a place where you can connect with nature and immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Dalmatia, Croatia.

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