Cesky Krumlov, Czechia

Czech Republic

Best time to travel:

From spring to autumn




Generally safe, but be careful with small thefts


Type C or E


Czech koruna

Capital city:


The Czech Republic is a small country in Central Europe. It has been one of the fastest growing countries in Central Europe in recent decades, which, together with its economic strength, has earned it a reputation.

Its capital and most populous city is Prague. Prague has achieved great fame in recent years thanks to its famous architectural masterpieces and historical legacy. It is home to the centuries-old Charles Bridge.

Another famous town in the south of the Czech Republic is Cesky Krumlov, on the banks of the Vltava River, one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Czech Republic.

The country also has several other popular regions. These include the famous spa towns of Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne and Frantiskovy Lazne. Another major attraction that draws tourists here are the numerous castles and chateaux built here. These include the castle of Karlstejn, the aforementioned Cesky Krumlov or the Lednice-valtice cultural landscape. Outside the towns, you can also visit places such as Cesky Raj, Sumava or the Giant Mountains.

The Czech Republic has a humid continental climate with warm summers and relatively cloudy, wet, cold winters.

In addition to all this beauty, the gastronomic delights of the Czech Republic are also worth a visit. There’s the famous Czech beer, described by many as the best in the world, in the ‘capital’ of beautiful Plzen. Czech beer is an excellent accompaniment to delicious meats, dumplings and other Czech delicacies.

If you are interested in the Czech Republic and would like to visit, our other articles can help you organise your trip to the Czech Republic.

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